The Green Health Club exists to advocate health and wellness from diverse perspectives. The world has a vast culture, knowledge, and practices that we rather want to explore and appreciate it’s richness. Because instead of separation in beliefs and contradicting studies, we want a unification, a wider option for everyone. In this modern age of social media, it’s very easy to get distracted or the opposite – be too focus on mundane things.

According to the gathered data from 2015 to present of the World Health Organization (WHO), there is approximately 800,000 deaths globally from suicide alone. The Green Health Club is taking a stand to give importance to one’s well-being. We are taking advantage of this online platform to showcase a collection of articles, stories, and studies from different nations, along with several organizations that are dedicated to increasing awareness on any health-related issues not limited to physical health.

We aim to collect, inform and share relevant information that is free for everyone to consider and ponder on. Because indeed, health is wealth.